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The ucpn needs your help after Hurricane Sandy

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Kathy and Barbara Look Forward to Returning
to Their Long Beach, NY Home

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Barbara and Kathy lived in a home in Long Beach, NY that was owned by the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Inc.  Superstorm Sandy destroyed the home and everything Kathy and Barbara owned.  Both women were worried about leaving their home before the storm, but realized that it was necessary and are grateful to the dedicated staff at ucpn for their help in evacuating safely.  The ucpn worked to find a comfortable new spot for both women to live on a temporary basis, however the home was so decimated that it must be completely rebuilt and currently there are no funds for that.  Kathy is living in a nursing home and misses her beloved cats that are being cared for by a family member now. She says the most exciting part of her day is her physical therapy session and she misses her friends and caring neighbors in Long Beach.  It is heartbreaking to hear Kathy speak about losing the ashes of her beloved Mother when every single possession she had was washed away in the rush of the floods caused by the storm.  Barbara lost everything and is truly saddened, her heart longs for her town of Long Beach and the days she spent on the wonderful Boardwalk and in town at the hair salon and her favorite shops and restaurants. Barbara has but one photo of her happy memories of her days by the sea.


It is likely that you have heard Barbara and Kathy tell a bit of their story on "You Tube."  Thanks for your interest and support.  It is the generosity of friends that will help ucpn get Barbara and Kathy back to living their independent lives in the magnificent community of Long Beach, NY!