Programs and Services

The ReWalk™ at ucpn’s Fortunoff Treatment and Rehabilitation Center.

The ReWalk™ at ucpn’s Fortunoff Treatment and Rehabilitation Center.



The dream of walking is now a reality at ucpn. 

We are very pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity available at ucpn: ReWalk.   

The ReWalk™ - General Description


ReWalk™ is an alternative therapeutic modality and a mobility opportunity for individuals who utilize a wheelchair.  A user in the ReWalkhas potential to stand and walk.


ReWalk is a new realization of the powered exoskeleton concept and provides user-initiated mobility. It consists of a light wearable brace support suit, which integrates actuation motors at the joints. A light weight backpack, worn by the user, contains a computer based control system and rechargeable batteries.


Medical and Therapeutic Assessments


The user is actively involved and has control of all mobility functions, through unique control processes. Walking is controlled through subtle changes in center of gravity; stability and safety are secured by use of crutches.


Basic Prerequisites:

·         Ability to use hands and shoulders (balancing and walking with crutches)

·         Height range: 5’3” to 6’3”

·         Maximum weight: 220 pounds

·         Healthy cardiovascular system and bone density


Important to Note

·         Currently, the ReWalk™ has FDA approval for institutional use only.  It allows institutions, clinical settings, such as ucpn’s Fortunoff Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, to use the ReWalk™ as a therapeutic and physical training device. 

·         The ReWalk-P™, for personal use, is expected to be available in 2012.


To quote a popular idiom: A picture is worth a thousand words.  See the ReWalk in action on the following websites: and  The ReWalk was also highlighted on the television show, Glee. You can tune into the episode:


If you are interested in pursuing the opportunity to use the ReWalk, please print, fill out, fax to 516-377-2066 or scan and return the attached ReWalk Clinical Intake Form to . 


Thank you.

The ReWalk Team at ucpn’s Fortunoff Treatment and Rehabilitation Center


Medicaid Service Coordination





Individuals with developmental disabilities have an exciting opportunity to achieve their maximum quality of life through the Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) Program of the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Inc. (ucpn)




We recognize that each individual has their own special needs that require special attention.  The Service Coordinator works in partnership with each individual and his/her family to develop, implement and maintain an individualized service plan designed to meet the individual’s personal needs and goals.


The focus of MSC is to assist individuals to explore and achieve their unique desires such as having a home, a job, a circle of friends, enjoyable leisure activities, and obtaining various services and supports. 


The ultimate goal of MSC is to assist every individual we work with to reach his/her fullest potential.  




Our surveys consistently validate the high quality of services provided by the Service Coordinators at ucpn.  Similar words can be found though out the survey responses: kind, supportive, caring, wonderful, helpful, concerned, dependable, knowledgeable and resourceful, to name a few.  Service coordinators work hard to foster independence and growth.  A young woman currently receiving services proudly remarked, "My Service Coordinator helps me make decisions, she does not make them for me.”


Each individual and their family members and advocates can depend on their Service Coordinator for both scheduled visits and, as importantly, on an as needed basis.  We can meet you at your day program, your place of employment, your residence or the local coffee shop.  In the event of an emergency, ucpn Service Coordinators are available 24-hours a day.




Service Coordinators work with a team of multi-disciplinary professionals within ucpn as well as other providers to ensure all necessary resources are secured for the individuals we work with.  MSC also works in conjunction with the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) and the local Long Island Developmental Disabilities Office (LIDDSO) to ensure that the highest quality of Service Coordination is always maintained.  




Medicaid-eligible individuals with developmental disabilities who do not reside in Intermediate Care or Long Term Care Facilities may apply for the ucpn Service Coordination Program. 


HCBS Waiver Services


The ucpn Service Coordination is an approved provider of the HCBS waiver services.  The Home and Community Based Services Waiver for many of the individuals has been the key to successful living in the community:

  • Residential habilitation
  • Day habilitation
  • Respite services
  • Environmental modifications
  • Adaptive technologies


For more information about our program, please contact: 

Katherine R. Caggiano

Supervisor of Medicaid Service Coordination

(516) 378-2000, ext. 410



Adult Day Habilitation

Adult Day Habilitation is a year round program serving individuals, 21 and older who are developmentally disabled.  Day Hab is a community outreach program where trained and qualified individuals with developmental disabilities provide local non profit businesses with community service.

  • Must be enrolled in the Waiver Program and have a Notice of Decision (N.O.D.) along with Medicaid Service Coordination
  • Comprehensive program which focuses on community integration and volunteerism in the community
  • Off site Day Hab hub located in Wantagh fosters inclusion in the community
  • Active volunteer sites include Yours, Ours & Mine Community Center, North Merrick Senior Center, Planting Fields Arboretum, Sandel Senior Center, A+ Child Care, St. Francide Chantal, Meals on Wheels, Island Harvest & Bide-A-Wee
  • Occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychology and social work services available at the main campus through the Fortunoff Treatment and Rehabilitation Center
  • Additional services also available include: dental, podiatry, gynecology, optometry, psychiatry, audiology, augmentative communication laboratory, rehabilitation engineering and respite

Children’s Learning Center

Click here to visit our Children's Learning Center Website!


About Us

Established in 1948, our school has a well-earned reputation for outstanding education, evaluation and treatment services for children from birth to age 21 with a broad range of mild to severe disabilities, including speech/language delays, physical disabilities, and mental retardation. Each child's program is individualized and closely monitored by a team of multidisciplinary professionals. Preparation for inclusion, mainstreaming and maximum independence in the community is emphasized.


The CLC has a strong commitment to serving the entire family - mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents. Family meetings, tours, special events, and social work services are available and designed to support the family network. A truly caring staff of special education teachers, clinicians, other professionals and support staff are ready to assist in every way possible.


The Children’s Learning Center is the school component of the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, a non-profit organization. The school serves over 250 students, ranging in age from 18 months to 21 years of age, and coming from most school districts across Nassau County, a few from Suffolk County, and many from the boroughs of New York City. The classes are all comprised of low student to teacher ratios, i.e., 12:1:4; 12:1:2; 9:1:3; or 6:1:2. Every student enrolled in the school has an IEP (or IFSP for children receiving early intervention services) as a result of a CPSE/CSE meeting.

Click here to view CLC Wellness Policy

Life Options

An exciting, new and innovative program which offers adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to find achievement and satisfaction on a very personal level by allowing them to develop life skills and abilities.

For three days a week consumers are involved in Learning Modules where they choose activities of interest as per the schedule of activities developed by the consumers themselves. One day a week the consumers are involved in Community Inclusion activities in the community and one day a week consumers are engaged in Prevocational (paid) work activities.

Life Options offers consumers the opportunity to try out new experiences, to have direct input into program services offered and the ability to make informed choices and expand their horizons.

Consumers create a customized schedule from the array of learning modules developed through a brainstorming process. Individualized therapeutic needs are included in each participant’s customized schedule. Consumers go from one learning site to another based upon the individualized schedule that he/she develops. For some Learning Modules, a core curriculum will be developed leading to a Certificate of Completion of a particular skill or area. Guest lecturers, field trips and experiential learning modules are used to assist consumers in gaining the desired skills/knowledge base. Incorporated into Life Options is an evaluation component that assesses the viability of this program model and whether it is meeting consumer needs.

Life Options facilitates community and socialization skills by enhancing the consumer’s ability to converse about current events, to debate public policy and, yes, to be able to quote statistics and facts about why the Mets (Yankees) are the best baseball team around.  Knowledge, information and the ability to share that with others are what inclusion and community integration is all about. Life Options enables consumers to progress at their own pace, in areas that are of interest to them and in an environment conducive to the learning process.

Medical Care at UCPN

Primary Care

Periodic health care/check-ups
Sick care  (colds, flu, ear infections, asthma, hypertension, etc.)
"Preventive" care and nutrition

Medical and Surgical Specialties

Periodic health care check-ups
Spinal orthopedics
Rehabilitative medicine
Spasticity management
Social work services/support

Mental Health

Psychiatric Evaluation
Psychology  (evaluation, treatment, counseling)
Psychologic testing


Adult Dentistry
Child Dentistry
Dental Hygiene
Orthodontic referrals

Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Seating and Mobility, Pressure mapping,
Wheelchair evaluation
Augmentative communication,
communication devices
Computer access

The ucpn accepts Medicare and Medicaid and is not a participating provider in health plan networks. The estimated amount you will be billed for health care services is available upon request.


           The ucpn maintains Transfer and Affiliation agreements with:

            North Shore University Hospital

               Mercy Medical Center

               Winthrop University Hospital

               LIJ New Hyde Park

               South Nassau Communities Hospital

               Nassau County Medical Center

Augmentative Communication Laboratory

The augmentative communication laboratory is a unique program serving individuals who are unable to use speech as a primary means of communication. The facility is staffed by an expert team of professionals, led by a speech/language pathologist and contains a wide range of equipment including highly sophisticated electronic and computerized devices designed especially for communication.

The lab serves people with various kinds of disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, ALS (commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease), multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, throat surgery or impairment from a stroke. With its expert staff and state-of-the-art equipment, the lab can help individuals express their needs and ideas and maintain control of their lives. Isolation is also greatly reduced since communication with friends and family can now be more easily achieved.

The communication laboratory offers evaluation and training in the use of these augmentative systems and is available to anyone who can benefit from this program. The program is conducted by the Speech/Language/Hearing Department at UCP Nassau, staffed by highly skilled professionals. The department works with the other therapy, rehabilitation technology and medical departments at the Center and is part of the Nassau Applied Technology Resource Center.

Services provided by the lab are generally covered by medical insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. Following the prescription of an appropriate communication system, the team is available to assist in obtaining funding for the purchase of equipment.

For more information, please contact the Augmentative Communication Laboratory at (516)378-2000, extension 279.

Fortunoff Treatment & Rehab

At the Fortunoff Treatment and Rehabilitation Center is our internationally known rehabilitation facility, you are assured of quality services implemented by a knowledgeable team working on your behalf.

Whether your problem is mild or severe, appropriate staff from every specialty are available on site for a full diagnostic evaluation, treatment, and referral.

The Fortunoff Treatment and Rehabilitation Center and the other community service programs have the unique advantage of functioning within a total therapeutic complex. Physicians, therapists, psychologists, social workers, engineers, educators and job placement specialists are among the professionals who are here to help you.

This is the only facility which can provide all these services at one location, offered by a professional staff who are recognized leaders in their fields.

Many programs offered here are not even available anywhere else in the metropolitan area. These include specialized dentistry for persons with disabilities, an outstanding augmentative communication laboratory, a leading audiology program, a computer evaluation and training program, the Nassau Applied Technology Resource Center, and head injury program.

In addition to receiving excellent professional services, outpatients at our facility have the benefit of a strong advocacy program to assist with obtaining help from other agencies; support groups which share experiences and concerns are conducted as well.

Services are provided for individuals of every age by an agency that is Long Island's oldest and most innovative.

When someone you love needs help, telephone us first at (516)378-2000 extension 290 (Department of Social Work)

Medical Services & Clinics

 Diagnostic Evaluations
Nutrition Services

Physical Therapy

Rhizotomy Clinic
Infant Massage
Adapted Physical Fitness

Occupational Therapy

Power & Mobility Wheelchair Evaluations & Training
Activities of Daily Living (use of on site model apartment)
Hand Clinic
Sensory/Motor Training


Communication Laboratory
Communication Evaluation and Training
Hearing Aid Evaluations & Follow Up
Hearing Screenings, Evaluation & Follow Up
Impedance Audiometer (middle ear function testing)
Therapeutic Feeding
Computer-Based Therapy Techniques
Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy
Individual & Group Counseling
Vocational Rehabilitation
Family Support & Education


Child Psychology
Vocational Counseling
Cognitive Rehabilitation
Family Counseling

Head Injury Services

Comprehensive Evaluation
Cognitive Remediation
Recreation & Leisure Services
Day Activities
Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy
Individual Group Counseling
Vocational Rehabilitation
Family Support & Education

Social Work Services

Individual & Group Counseling
Family Support Groups
Home Services
Case Management

Rehabilitation Technology

Nassau Applied Technology Resource Center
Adaptive Seating
Mechanical Engineering
Adaptive Equipment
Innovative Technology Center:
      -Computer access evaluations/training
      -Assisted technology evaluations/training
      -Software lending library

Recreation & Leisure Services

On the Town
Sports Team - Competitive, Internationally Recognized Nassau THUNDERBOLTS

NCPA - Guardianship Program

The Guardianship Program
Nassau Cerebral Palsy Association, Inc.

The NCPA Guardianship Corporation is made up of board members, family members, and the President, Vincent Russo, an attorney who has been a champion and an advocate for people with disabilities and their families since 1985.

The purpose of the corporation is to be designated by the family to either be a primary or stand by guardian of the person when the present guardian passes away and there is no one to step in.

The NCPA guardian provides assurance that decisions are made in the best interest of the individual by:

·         Accessing good health care and medical supports

·         Ensuring appropriate residential and day programming

·         Exploring appropriate employment or vocational needs

·         Fulfilling religious wishes

·         Offering social and recreational opportunities

·         Providing financial guidance and legal support

The family makes a financial commitment to the corporation by providing a payment in full or through an insurance policy. In some cases, families leave their houses to NCPA.



In New York State, parents of persons with developmental disabilities are considered the guardians of their children until their eighteenth (18) birthday. After a person reaches 18 years of age, he or she is assumed to be legally competent and able to manage his or her own affairs.

Guardianship is an alternative that enables parents and relatives to plan for their loved one who may require assistance in managing their personal, medical and/or financial needs. Advocates, known as guardians, may be legally designated to act in the best interest of the individual with a disability. A guardian offers protection and support to vulnerable individuals by making decisions, respecting the individual’s values and preferences and ensuring the individual’s basic human rights as well as accessing benefits and entitlements.

After the age of 18, a guardian must be appointed by the court. Legal guardianship cannot be granted from, or specified in, a will.


“I designated the guardianship corporation as guardian for my child who resides in a NCPA home and is a Life Options program participant.   My child has had many medical issues for which the corporation has made decisions. I am very happy about the arrangement. It is a relief for me to know that the NCPA Guardianship program exists because there is no one else who would care for my child when I am not here.”


-A Relieved Parent


 Nassau Cerebral Palsy Association, Inc.
380 Washington Avenue, Roosevelt, NY 11575


“We Provide The Highest Quality Services To The
Children And Adults In Our Agency”

 The United Cerebral Association of Nassau County, Inc. (ucpn) is a non-profit, multi-faceted health care agency serving over 1,800 children and adults with cerebral palsy, developmental and other disabilities.  The Association, founded in 1948, provides comprehensive treatment, educational and rehabilitation services on their main campus in Roosevelt, New York that have earned international recognition for innovative and high quality programs.

The ucpn is a total therapeutic community meeting the needs of individuals from birth through their senior years.  Services are provided for people with a broad range of mild to severe disabilities by highly trained, experienced staff.

Medical and Rehabilitation Services

Primary Care                            Physical Therapy

Pediatrics                               Occupational Therapy

Internal Medicine                     Speech Therapy

Dentistry                                Orthotics

Orthopedics                            Splints

Physiatry                                 Seating and Mobility

Podiatry                                  Augmentative Communication

Optometry                              Computer Access

Gynecology                             Social Work

Psychiatry                               Case Management


Rehab Tech for Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

TRAID – Technology Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities

Program Offered Year Round

Children’s Learning Center

Adult Day Programs

            Life Options

            Day Habilitation

            Adult Day Treatment

Traumatic Brain Injury

Residential Program

International Competitive Sports Team


Click here to view our brochure

Oceanside OPTS Day Habilitation

Oceanside OPTS Day Habilitation


Oceanside OPTS Day Habilitation is a year round program serving individuals, 21 and older that are developmentally disabled.  Day Hab is a community outreach program where trained and qualified individuals with developmental disabilities provide local non-profit businesses with community service.


* Must be enrolled in the Waiver Program and have Medicaid Service Coordination.

* Off site Day Hab hub located in Oceanside fosters inclusion in the community

* Comprehensive program, which focuses on community integration and volunteerism in the community

* Occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and psychology services available as part of the program.

* Additional services available at the main campus through the Fortunoff Treatment and Rehabilitation Center include: dental, podiatry, gynecology, optometry, psychiatry, audiology, augmentative communication laboratory, rehabilitation engineering and respite.

Psychology/TBI Services

The department of Psychology/Traumatic Brain Injury Services at ucpn works with adults who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (i.e. head injuries, strokes, anoxia, brain tumors, mild dementias and other medical illnesses).  The program is available to individuals with a recent injury or illness as well as those who are further post-injury.

Connections Program

This community reintegration and socialization program is for adults who have sustained a brain injury, stroke or have another neurologically related disorder.  The program is located in a building on the ucpn campus that replicates a residential home.  Consumers attend the program on various days each week and participate in an array of goal-oriented and enjoyable activities including:

  • ADL Skills Training
  • Support and Self-advocacy Groups
  • Managing Personal Finances       
  • Community Inclusion Trips
  • Current Events Discussions
  • Sexuality Groups


Computers and Assistive Technology

State-of-the-art computers and adaptive equipment are available to all program participants. Computers are often used with individual therapies and groups. Treatment may focus on remediating memory, visual processing, reading, math, attention and problem solving.

Café Connections

This prevocational program is located in the UCPN staff cafeteria. Training for the Café includes basic job and interpersonal skills needed for work in customer service.

TBI Waiver Services

The Psychology/TBI Program is an approved provider of the following TBI Medicaid Waiver Services:

  • Structured Day Programs   
  • Community Integration Counseling
  • Service Coordination
  • Independent Living Skills Training


Payments accepted include Medicare, Medicaid and Third party insurance. For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact:
Psychology/TBI Services at (516) 378-2000, ext. 314 or medical department at ext. 265


United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County’s (ucpn) Residential Program offers a variety of life style options in Nassau County for adults with developmental disabilities. Since the inception of the program individualized and personalized service has been the primary mission of the program. The residential team focuses on the person not the disability in an effort to provide both a home-like and integrated living environment. During each step of the planning process individuals are encouraged to participate. Whether it’s picking out the carpet and paint colors for their bedrooms or choosing service providers, ucpn strives to create environments that encourage personal growth, independence and choice.

The program operates a variety of living options including Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF’s), Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRA’s) and Independent Living Environments with a wide array of support services that are designed to enable persons receiving services to make the most of living and working in the community.

Intermediate Care Facility


In addition to the 48-bed ICF in Bayville, ucpn operates two smaller ICF’s in the community of Roosevelt.  In addition to the residence management team and direct care services 24/7, the ICF has 24/7 on-call primary care physician, full-time nursing, and clinical services located on site. The intent of the program is to assist individuals to develop skills that will assist them in achieving a higher level of independence.

Individualized Residential Alternative

At present ucpn operates two types of IRA’s, supported and supervised.  The supported  IRA’s are located in the towns of  Baldwin and Long Beach.  Each three-bed home is designed to serve individuals that are able to live on their own with a minimum level of support.  Both homes are within walking distance from public transportation and large shopping districts.  Personal care aides assist the individuals in their activities of daily living while ucpn staff provide residential habilitation training, service coordination and facility maintenance.  Both settings are fully accessible and are connected to a central response station for emergency situations.

The supervised settings are located in the towns of East Meadow, Plainview, Bethpage, Wantagh, Bellmore, Seaford, Freeport, Levittown and Farmingdale.  In addition to spacious living areas and landscaped yards, each residence has specialized features ranging from ramped entranceways to strobe lights to roll-in showers depending on the needs of the persons receiving services.  The bedrooms are personalized, home-like and decorated in color schemes chosen by the persons receiving services.  Residence staff provides medical, transportation, recreation and habilitation services around the clock.

Independent Living


These settings are way ahead of their time. Simply put they are “The next best thing to home.” The three residences located in East Meadow, Baldwin and Long Beach each serve two to three individuals.  Since the homes opened nearly twelve years ago, the individuals served have developed successful independent lives in their communities.  Whether they spent their time earning a college degree, finding employment in the community or volunteering at a local college, the individuals living in these residences truly have achieved a level of independence once thought impossible for persons with developmental disabilities.


A committee comprised of ucpn board members, individuals and family members regularly schedule visits to meet with the individuals in their homes to ensure that the agency’s philosophy of providing quality residential services is being carried forth.  In addition the residential services management team is on-call 24/7 to oversee emergencies, investigate incidents, provide training and ensure adequate staffing.  Most importantly, families and friends of the individuals are always welcomed as are their suggestions for quality improvements. 

Long-Term Strategic Planning

The Residential Services Long Term Strategic planning committee, comprised of board members, family members, individuals and agency staff meets monthly to ensure that the department’s planning objectives are being met.  Presently the committee is working on a number of goals including; streamlining the screening and admission process for new applicants,  planning new development and refining the satisfaction survey process.  The administrative oversight in conjunction with the diverse membership of the committee ensures that the agency’s mission is being adequately represented by the planning committee.

Applying for Residential Services

For information regarding eligibility requirements or for an application for residential services, please contact Cheryl Solomito, Director of Residential Services, by e-mail at  or by phone at (516) 377- 2040.

Site-Based Day Habilitation

 Site-Based Day Habilitation

A classroom-oriented environment, which provides opportunities, that promotes independence, socialization, recreation and community integration.


The SBDH program is a year round program serving individuals, 21 and older who are developmentally challenged. The classroom-oriented environment strives to maintain and build upon current skills, promote independence, and add creativity to the participants’ daily lives. Community integration is an integral part of the SBDH program as it introduces participants to new environments and experiences. In addition, the strong connection that exists between the program and home life serves to reinforce the participants’ abilities and strengthen their potential. Through experiences in the community, education, socialization and recreation the participants positively enhance their skills and identify untapped potential.


* Must be enrolled in the Waiver Program and have Medicaid Service Coordination.

* Comprehensive program, which focuses on socialization, recreation and community integration.

* Individualized therapeutic needs are met by on site Article 16 and 28 clinics.


Thunderbolts Sports Team

A competitive sports team for adult athletes with disabilities over age 21.


Nassau County Executive, Tom Suozzi, along with former Deputy County Executive, Hezekiah Brown visited ucpn today to present personal donations totalling $1500 to the Nassau Thunderbolts.

Mary Merritt played a key roll in introducing the team and all their great accomplishments to Mr. Brown who in turn spoke to Mr. Suozzi about the Thunderbolts.

Bob McGuire welcomed our guests and expressed thanks to Head Coach, Mary Hodge, all the athletes and the other coaches for their hard work and impressive achievements. Charlie Fleish, Thunderbolts Team Captain, expressed thanks for the generous support of the Thunderbolts' two newest benefactors and then presented our distinguished visitors, Mr. Suozzi and Mr. Brown with team shirts.

Coverage of the visit will air on LI News Tonight this evening at 7:30, channel 29, the Telicare station on cable.

A sports columnist from Newsday was also on hand -- check tomorrow's edition for coverage!


Trained, determined, and hungry to win...

The Thunderbolts are intent on making a name for ucpn and themselves in the sporting world.

Freeman McNeil, Marty Lyons and Ted Banker, former N.Y. Jets, met personally with the Thunderbolts. They applauded the team for their outstanding achievements and recognized their advancements for the world of disabled sports. "Your determination is a source of inspiration for us all," declared Mr. Banker.


Individual training sessions and sport related training culminate for The Thunderbolts in an intense, four hour work-out every Saturday morning in the UCP Nassau fitness center and multipurpose room. Under supervision of the coaching squad, the athletes push the limits of their endurance and strength to redefine peak physical performance.

The advantage of nautilus equipment designed to match their specific needs and the support of on-site therapists makes the Thunderbolts fit, focused and a formidable force in disabled sports.

Backed with more than a decade of experience and a thorough knowledge of NDSA's 125-page rule book, Thunderbolt trainers are recognized as leaders in sports for the disabled. Notably, Head Coach Hodge was selected to train the U.S. Powerlifting Team in Sydney, Australia for the Paralympics in 2000.


The Thunderbolts continue to train and excel in weight lifting and field events but have set their sights on becoming the nation's number one boccia team. Growing popularity over the Italian lawn game has made competition rise into a new level of excellence. Unlike other NDSA sports, boccia is not divided into level of disability or weight classes. Strategy and raw ability are the only determining factors.

Up against the U.S. Boccia Team at the 1999 and 2001 National Sports Festival, the Thunderbolts were in top competitive form, nabbing a gold and silver medal - an impressive feat for a team that is just starting to exhibit its potential. Not only did the Thunderbolts win the quarter finals, but they beat the powerhouse U.S. Boccia Team in the semi-finals. Since then, the Thunderbolts have been represented on Team USA twice. Once in Porto, Portugal by Mark Paramidani and a second time by Barbara Seamon at the America's Cup in Topeka, Kansas. Charlie Fleisch will soon be representing the Thunderbolts on Team USA at the World Boccia Championships in New Zealand.

Head Coach
Mary C. Hodge

Assistant Head Coach
Troy McPherson


Kathy Murphy

Ken Siderine

Jeffrey Dean

Troy McPherson
Track & Field

James Thomson

Elvis Trenchfield
Field & Boccia

Calling themselves The Thunderbolts, the UCP Nassau sports team burst onto regional meets 14 years ago, making a powerful statement - winning top place in the 60-meter weave, shot put and distance kick sanctioned by the National Disability Sports Alliance (NDSA).

Now competing in both regional and national competitions the Thunderbolts have racked up on impressive 200 plus silver and gold medals since their inceptions. With over 1,000 athletes participating in NDSA events, the Thunderbolts are quickly becoming a premier team to be reckoned with at any competition they participate in.

The team achieved national kudos when captain Randy Mitchell flexed his muscles and destroyed the old U.S. powerlifiting record in his weight class in 1997. The national record holder has worn the Thunderbolts uniform at the World Games, a precursor to the Paralympics Games - disabled sports equivalent to the Olympics, in Dubai, Saudi Arabia.

Watch out for the Thunderbolts as they make headlines into the next millennium. What's next is yet to be seen, but count on it being something you won't want to miss.


The United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County offers a complete array of programs and services to people with disabilities. Children aged one through twenty-one can benefit from the mobility and cognitive development programs of the Children's Learning Center. Adults can develop the skills to help them integrate into the community through innovative programs like Life Options. And the Fortunoff Treatment and Rehabilitation Center provides broad and deep care for individuals with many kinds of disabilities or head injuries. Explore our programs and services through the links below.